There is a helpful checklist at the end of these guidelines–please review background information first
Contact your Dean’s Office HR Generalist if you have any questions

If volunteers assist in your area, please review the following links:

Basic guidelines that apply to all PHHP volunteers:

  1. Each department/operational unit shall record the number, location and duties of volunteers, and the total number of annual
    hours of volunteer service provided to the department. Such information must be maintained on file by each
    department/operational unit.
  2. Volunteers should be provided a written list of specific tasks/duties to be performed.
  3. Volunteers are covered by worker’s compensation

May international students and scholars volunteer their time?

While the issue of volunteering may seem clear-cut, it is actually a complex area in which immigration regulations and labor law intersect. It is important that you read the information on the International Center’s web site which thoroughly outlines how to determine if/when it is permissible for internationals to volunteer their time.

Basic guidelines for international volunteers to consider:

  1. Are the services performed for civic, charitable, or humanitarian purposes?
  2. Are the services entirely voluntary, with no direct or indirect pressure by the employer, with no promise of advancement and
    no penalty for not volunteering?
  3. Does your proposed service impair the employment opportunities of others by performing work that would otherwise be
    performed by regular, paid employees? Are you providing services that are the same as services provided by someone who is
  4. Is there any expectation of compensation either now or in the future for these services?
    Individuals should be able to answer “yes” to questions 1 and 2, and “no” to questions 3 and 4. If s/he cannot, it is likely that the
    proposed volunteer activity is more likely unpaid employment, and could subject both the individual and the employer to tax

Departmental Checklist

Volunteers are not entered in an ePAF, but there are a few things to remember. Department must maintain volunteer records.

Establish UFID Number is UF Directory if new to UF; ask individual to establish GatorLink account
Pre-employment physical required?                     Yes           No
Background Screening Check (description of types)
Job-Related Health Risk Checklist (only if pre-placement exam is needed, maintain occ med clearance in dept file)
Establish PHHP email for employee
Record of Volunteer Services must be completed
If volunteer is tracked by IRB, HIPAA training via myUFL (which requires departmental directory affiliation) is required. Contact DOHR if you have procedural questions.

Training Tracker

Emergency Contact Form
Request Gator 1 card (if applicable)

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