Terminating Employment

HR contact:

For DO use only
Separation Documentation
Term ePAF
Leave Cashout
Archive Personnel File

Employee Name:


Department Contact:

Termination Date:

Obtain signed letter of resignation or other allowable separation documentation
Immediately alert appropriate key offices and/or personnel:

  • College human resources liaison
  • Department chair
  • Department security administrator
  • Department key custodian
  • Department space manager
  • College IT support (via ISA)
  • College asset manager (via ISA)
  • College building manager (via ISA)
  • College research administration core team member
  • University international center
  • University p-card office
Enter termination date in ISA
Initial Communication to Employee                                                      
Schedule Exit Interview
Provide link to UF’s Exit Survey
Discuss with Hiring Manager/Supervisor                           
Provide Off-boarding guide
Send copy of employee’s PD, if applicable, and ask for updates
Determine need for filling vacancy and availability of funding
Discuss temporary coverage plan
If employee has supervisory responsibilities, confirm temporary reassignment plan
Exit Interview
Retrieve all office keys and any UF property assigned to employee
Collect P-card, if applicable
Inform employee to notify UF of any future address changes to ensure W-2 is received
Provide employee a copy of the PHHP Separation Memo
Parking decal return information
Discuss leave cashout process
Collect UFID if employee leaving UF
Allow time at the end of meeting for employee to share thoughts/concerns/feedback about their experience as our employee
Department HR Actions
Enter termination (status change) ePAF

A termination ePAF is needed if an employee is leaving UF or if an employee is moving from a TEAMS (TU2N, TA12), Faculty (FA12), or Graduate Assistant (GA12) position to another salary plan.

A termination ePAF is NOT needed if an employee is transferring within UF.

Place all termination documentation in PHHP shared HR folder
Check for unused compensation balances (TU2N salary plans only) and cashout if found
Verify security access has been terminated in all areas
Process leave cashout, at least one pay period after the biweekly that includes the termination date
Forward completed termination checklist to DOHR contact to close the record
Archive the employee’s personnel file per UF records retention policy

PHHP 6/2022