Terminating Employment-previous version 4/2019

Faculty: Lorie Martin
Other Salary Plans: Contact your DOHR Generalist
Employee Name and UFID:
Termination Date:


Obtain signed letter of resignation or other applicable separation documentation
  • Immediately alert appropriate Dean’s Office personnel (i.e. HR, Property Manager, Research Core,etc) as applicable
  • For GA terminations, obtain written evaluation from supervisor
  • If H1B, TN or O-1 visa status, complete an End of Program form
  • For non-exempt staff only, check for unused compensation balances. Comp balances are the responsibility of the department in which they’re earned. Balance can be utilized prior to employee’s last day. Any unused balance MUST be cashed out and funding source provided.
Leaving UF -or- transferring to new department
  • Forward college HR contact: letter of resignation, UF Employee Exit Checklist, and PHHP checklist
  • If transferring within UF, new department will transfer the employment record.
  • If leaving UF or there is a break in service, submit a status change ePAF
  • If employee is moving from TEAMS or Faculty to any other salary plan, submit a status change ePAF
  • ePAF termination effective date is the first day not in paid status, even if weekend or holiday
  • Review UF’s Final Pay Checklist and Termination of Employment 
Exit process
Schedule exit interview on or near employee’s last day. Complete Employee Exit Checklist.
If employee is separating from UF, provide employee copy of Separation Memo, containing benefits and retirement contact info and link to Employee Exit Survey
Discuss the leave cash-out process
If employee is separating from UF, retrieve and destroy Gator1 card and P-Card if applicable.  Email pcard@ufl.edu and provide cardholder name, UFID, and termination date. Retrieve all office keys (office, lab, etc). Ensure all UF property has been retrieved (computer, tablet, etc.)
If employee is transferring within UF, retrieve P-Card if applicable. Destroy card if employee not transferring elsewhere on campus. Retrieve all office keys (office, lab, etc). Ensure all UF property has been retrieved (computer, tablet, etc.)
If employee relocating, s/he is responsible for updating address in myUFL > My Self Service  (to ensure W-2 is sent to correct location) and notifying Selective Service.
Inform employee to notify UF of any future address changes to ensure W-2 is received.  If the employee changes address after separation: Former Employee Address Change form
Enter termination date in ISA, using last date in position (for budgeting purposes, notifying property manager, after-hours building access, PHHP IT support)
Contact department DSA to terminate myUFL security roles, if necessary. If transferring to new department, remove PHHP affiliation to roles.
Verify security access terminated in all areas
Leave cash-out (faculty or staff only)
Once ePAF termination has been approved by Central HR and calculations in myUFL are final (pay period which includes last-day-worked has ended), follow UF Instruction Guide to submit ePAF leave cash-out.
  • Vacation leave cash-out maximum is 200 hours
  • Cash-outs that exceed $5000 are sent to VALIC
  • Anyone who has previously cashed out vacation leave, including DROP participants or employees previously separated from the University, may not be eligible for maiximum cash-out at time of separation. Check with Dean’s Office HR contact.
  • Paid parental leave balances (owed to the University) must be addressed, prior to cash-out
  • Advise employee that cash-out process typically takes 4-6 weeks from term date


PHHP 4/2019