Faculty Special Pay Increase (SPI) For Market Equity/Counter Offer

HR contact: Lorie Martin

Employee Name:


Department Contact:

Special Pay Increases (SPI’s) may only be requested for market equity, or bona fide counteroffers. Lorie will approve the SPI via email and process the SPI for Market Equity or Counter Offers.

Complete PSF
If SPI is due to market equity, send Faculty SPI request form  and supporting documentation OR if SPI is due to bona fide counteroffer, send Faculty SPI Request Form and verification of competing offer, to Lorie for review.
DOHR will provide a salary survey as additional supporting documentation
SPI requests for market equity and counteroffers do not require a position action; therefore, only one ePAF (Job Edit) is needed, noting the proposed pay-rate change.  The effective date will be adjusted by C&C, provided the SPI request is approved, to correspond with the date the VP of HR and Provost office approves the SPI.
Review College Database


PHHP 4/2019