Salaried Faculty Hire

Send to Lorie Martin

For DO use only
Notify Finance

GatorStart (GS) Hire   Yes    No

Documents completed via GS are indicated below

Employee Name:


Department Contact:

Hire Date:

Before Hire

Research UF directory for existing UFID (and if new, employee must establish a GatorLink).
Submit Foreign National Tax Form to Tax Services (if applicable)
Background Screening Check
Letter of Offer (Approved in advance by Lorie)


Once letter has been fully executed:
Forward copy to Lorie
Email PHHP-Support ( providing new hire’s name, title, start date and current email address
If transferring grants, email the same information to Conroy Smith (, PHHP Assistant Director of Research

Y/N Health Assessment
Y/N Nepotism Memo (approved at all levels prior to hire date)
Y/N Disclosure of Outside Activity Form (approved at all levels prior to hire date)
Before hire ePAF entered, dispense pool in InterFolio – Job #

PHHP requirements (forward with hire documents to Lorie)

Completed UF and PHHP checklists
Emergency Contact Form

After Hire is approved in myUFL

Schedule one-on-one benefits appointment with HSC HR Office (392-3786)
Enter distribution (notify Dean’s Office if DO funding involved)
Review information in college database
Enter ISA
IdM (UF Directory): If new to UF, set Deliver To field with person’s
Training Tracker
PHHP IT Services Access Request
DSA Request, my UFL Security Roles
Request Gator 1 card

PHHP 8/2019