Reclassifying a Staff Position

HR Contact: Lorie Martin

Employee Name:


Department Contact:

Incumbent must have performed new duties for at least 6 months in order to be eligible for reclass consideration. Lorie will approve the reclass, your DOHR Generalist will process the reclass.

Complete PSF
  Once PSF is submitted, send Lorie an electronic copy of the position description, with track changes in place and appropriate justification for the proposed new salary.
Once your PSF and proposed PD are approved, enter the Update Position ePAF with the appropriate Action Reason. You will also be able to enter the new salary in the ePAF request into myUFL for DOHR approval. Class and Comp will determine effective date.
Review College Database for any/all changes, which may include: appropriate updates.

PHHP 7/2018