Pre-offer checklist for the HRGen2

Job#:__________________ Title:____________________________

So you’ve been informed a finalist has been selected…what next?

Is this a Veterans’ Preference eligible position? If so, has this requirement been met?
Is the position still posting?
Names of all candidates interviewed
Who is the finalist? Does he/she appear to meet the posted minimum requirements?
Have reference checks been conducted?

What you need to know about the finalist

Is the candidate a current UF employee? If so, note his/her UFID, official title, and salary
Is the candidate a student employee? Verify combined FTE is below 0.50
Are performance appraisals available? If so, request them from UFHR
Are there any potential red flags noted on the candidate’s application, i.e., nepotism, criminal conviction, employment eligibility, etc.
  • Request Clearance through Careers, if applicable

  • Notify HRGen2 of finalist selected

Discuss with supervisor

Proposed salary – within approved range?
Potential start date – consider notice period, benefits effective date, visa transfer period & cost
Verbal offer – shouldn’t be discussed prior to receiving clearance from UFHR

  • Once cleared, the offer is contingent on background clearances
Letter preparation
  • You have received your clearance to offer. Prepare the letter of offer per appropriate staff template.