Pre-Doc or Post-Doc Fellow Hire

Send to your Dean’s Office Human Resources Generalist

Employee Name:


Department Contact:

Hire Date:

Before Hire

Establish UFID Number: Research UF directory for existing UFID (and if new to UF, employee must establish Gatorlink)
Y/N Please indicate if Grinter funded (bi-annual payment of award made in October and March)
Y/N Registration Requirements met (if appointing Pre-Doc Fellow, must meet minimum registration for tuition waiver if paid bi-weekly)
If hiring a foreign national, see UFHR’s Hiring a Foreign National Checklist for guidance and PHHP’s Documents Checklist for documents that must be forwarded to DO HR
Submit Foreign National Shell Request, if applicable * Must forward MOU with FNTF to Tax Services
Contracts and Grands reminder: Paperwork for all Fellowships on NIH Grants must go to Lisa Yates at Contracts & Grants, 123 Grinter Hall (telephone 352-273-3126). Approval forms must accompany packet to Level 1.
FY22 NIH Notice

PHHP requirements (forward to your DOHR Generalist after ePAF entered) **Pre and Post Doc Fellows do not receive Gatorstart Welcome email***

Emergency Contact Form
Degree confirmation for Post Doc Fellows
Completed UF and PHHP checklists
Background Screening Check

After Hire approved in myUFL

Enter LOA (tuition waiver) into myUFL (not necessary if providing lump sum payments)
Enter distribution (notify Dean’s Office if DO funding involved)
Enter ISA
Training Tracker
Request Gator 1 card, if appointee is new to UF
GatorGradCare reminder: active GAs transitioning into a pre-doc fellowship have the option of GatorGradCare Cobra

PHHP 2/2020