Posting a Faculty, OPS Faculty or Post Doc Associate Position

PHHP Contact: Lorie Martin

Posting dates

You may post a position for as long as you wish, provided the minimum posting period is met. However, you may NOT extend an offer to a candidate while the position is still posting.  Be judicious about what posting length you choose.  This is critical for positions posted as ‘open until filled’. The position MUST be closed before any type of offer can be extended.

Posting Category
Posting Required? Minimum Posting OUF Allowed Re-post Minimum
Faculty Yes 14 days Yes 7 days
OPS Faculty No, but if posting > 14 days Yes 7 days
Post Doc Associates No, but if posting > 14 days Yes 7 days

Prior to Posting:

An approved PSF is required for all faculty recruitments

Faculty ads must be approved by Lorie prior to posting in Interfolio, placing externally in publications, or sharing on listservs.

Identify key people: hiring authority, search committee members, department administrators.
Members can be added to the search committee field for any posting category, to enable applicant review.

Faculty recruitments require an official search committee, which includes at minimum:  a search chair, and 2 members.
Search committee members must have completed an active search committee tutorial* (valid for 2 years) before the posting will be approved at Level 1 (college level).  The department chair may not serve in any capacity on a faculty search committee as he/she is the Hiring Authority.

Creating the Posting

Follow steps as outlined in “Posting Faculty Positions”, via myUFL toolkits.
One external advertisement is required.

  • UF has a contract with Chronicle of Higher Education, for advertising online, free of charge, will be automatically used with all faculty recruitment.
  • Final ad will also be displayed on PHHP’s faculty job board
  • A job must be posted for 30 days on Interfolio and in 1 external advertisement to meet green card advertising requirements
  • Application materials required:  typically a letter of interest, a CV, and 3 references.  Other materials that may be requested include a research narrative, teaching philosophy, diversity statement, etc.

Inclusive Statements for Job Advertisements

Faculty Search Committee Tutorial

To verify if faculty is current:  myUFL > Main Menu >Training and Development > myTraining Enrollment > Reporting > Library > Individual Training Record > Enter UFID

To complete the tutorial: myUFL > Main Menu >Training and Development > myTraining Enrollment > Learner  > Dashboard > Search PVO800 (Faculty Search Committee Tutorial)

Retention of recruitment files:

UF toolkits