PHHP New Employee Orientation Checklist

Department Contact:

Hire Name:


College Snapshot

Overview of the College (e.g. how many faculty, students, and staff;  the dean,  the departments, and programs offered) and the College Mission Statement and Philosophy
Cover the Department/Program Area Mission Statement
Describe how the person’s individual job helps support the college and department
Review the Organizational Chart
Review Faculty and Staff in the Dept/Area and other critical College personnel (e.g. dean’s office business staff);  provide new faculty online location citing the faculty senators
Review Faculty and Staff at UF and affiliated sites who are critical people for the person to know to do his or her routine job; make sure president, provost, and VP for health affairs are covered – provide contact information for personnel outside college who are critical for the employee to know to do their jobs on a routine basis
College website  Review how to find college and departmental information; conduct a hands-on tour of our web site (provide Faculty Resources document for signature).

Business and Personnel Aspects of Job

If new employee, review:  UFID, Gatorlink ID’s, and Gator1 card
Show employee how to access and its uses
Parking: Explain parking decal process and restrictions of parking areas
Payroll Review:   time reporting and approval, UF work week, payperiod, paydates
Leave: Review the leave policy – how to request and obtain approval, how to fill out leave form, documentation required – provide copy of leave form in packet–Leave Entitlements
Overtime policy
Travel: discuss procedures for and approval of travel
State vehicles- review use of state vehicles and how to acquire
Office keys, business cards, supplies: Advise how and where to obtain.
Provide contact information in packet for discussion of benefits and worker’s compensation issues
HIPAA compliance
PHHP Dress Code Policy
Faculty Guidelines for Ineligible Tenure Promotions

Telephone and Computer Systems

Office phones: Review how to use the phone, offer handout detailing features, explain different exchanges on campus
Microsoft Outlook review,  accessing email from Webmail links, provide computer training location
Show employee the basic departmental set up regarding how to access files needed for job that already exist, the Share Drive, list.servs available to them
Review PHHP IT Support and how to request assistance
Review highlights of the Acceptable Use Policy (e.g. don’t share password, locking computer, protecting data). Refer to for full copies of Acceptable Use and Social Media policies.

Additional Training Needed for Position
(Ensure additional training needed for position is arranged)

Fiscal records management
Student records
Research forms, DSR, and IRB procedures
Computer programs
Other training deemed essential for position

HPNP Building, HSC, and UF Locations Critical to the Position – see Maps in Resource Guide

Basic building layout and shared space with Nursing and Pharmacy – consider providing a tour to include  dean’s office, departments, auditorium, and items noted below
Break areas – departmental and reception hall
Emergency exits and emergency procedures
Elevators – make sure include how to request assistance if stuck or in case of emergency
Student Services Center
Mail – Fed ex and routine business locations for mail

Classroom Scheduling and Use

How to request space, show web-based request system
Obtaining keys for classrooms and other areas
Using classroom computers and accessing IT support

After Hours Policy (Faculty Staff Resources)

Include review of SNAP and Emergency Phones, UF Health Protect Phone Ap
Contact University Police Dept. 392-1111, if unable to access building after hours

PHHP 8/2018