Orientation Checklist for Supervisors


Employee Name:

Hire Date:

* Included in the welcome kit provided to the employee by DOHR. Please elaborate at your discretion.

College Snapshot 

PHHP mission and vision statement*
Describe how the person’s individual job helps support the college and department
Review the organizational chart*, provide contact info on immediate co workers
Review faculty and staff in the department / unit and other critical college personnel; provide contact information
Introduce the person to department faculty and staff via email and in person when possible

Business and Personnel Aspects of Job

Office keys, business cards (DO employees) (MPH employees), supplies: advise how and where to obtain.
DO amenities (kitchen, supply room, etc)
DO dress code policy*
Time approval (who does it and when time is due to be entered)
Leave: Review the leave policy – how to request and obtain approval, completing leave form*

Telephone and Computer Systems

Office phones: Review how to use the phone, explain different exchanges on campus
Review programs specific to position, including Microsoft Outlook, etc.
Show employee the basic departmental set up,  accessing files on Share Drive, list.servs available to them
Review PHHP IT Support and how to request assistance
Review highlights of the Acceptable Use Policy (e.g. don’t share password, locking computer). Refer to http://www.it.ufl.edu/policies/acceptable-use/acceptable-use-policy/ for full copies of Acceptable Use and Social Media policies.

Training/Security Needed for Position

Review PHHP training tracker (emailed to supervisor prior to first day)
Other training deemed essential for position

HPNP Building, HSC, and UF Locations – As Applicable to the Position

Basic building layout and shared space with Nursing and Pharmacy – consider providing a tour to include Dean’s Office, departments, auditorium and items noted below.
Break areas – departmental and reception hall
Emergency exits and emergency procedures
Student Services Center (shared by PHHP/CON/COP)
Mail – location of personal mailbox
Dean’s Office Human Resources is located in Dauer Hall, third floor

Some things to consider: travel authorization, use of state vehicles,  location of post office and fed ex







PHHP 11/2019