OPS Temporary and Student Assistant/Federal Work Study Student Hires

Send to your Dean’s Office Human Resources Generalist

For DO use only
Personnel File

GatorStart (GS) Hire   Yes    No

Employee Name:


Department Contact:

Hire Date:

Before Hire

Research UF directory for existing UFID (and if new, employee must establish a GatorLink). (Not necessary for student hires).
If hiring a foreign national, see UFHR’s Hiring a Foreign National Checklist for guidance and PHHP’s Documents Checklist for documents that must be forwarded to DO HR
Submit Foreign National Shell Request, if applicable
Background Screening Check
Y/N Is individual a former UF employee? If yes, review Rules about reemployment
New Hire Demographic
Y/N Health Assessment 
Y/N Nepotism Memo  (approved at all levels prior to hire date)
Y/N Disclosure of Outside Activity Form (approved at all levels prior to hire date)
Choose appropriate OPS Job Code. If OPS Special Projects, include  project type and projected end date in comment section of hire ePAF
Dispense pool in PageUp Job #__________
If hire is a student:
Hours Extension Form for FTE exceeding .50 (up to .78) for total UF employment
Pay Rate Justification Form for students paid over $20.00 per hour
Y/N FWS award, if applicable (student print of Financial Aid Award page)

PHHP requirements (forward to DOHR after ePAF entered)

Completed UF and PHHP checklists
Emergency Contact Form
Code of Conduct, PHHP
PHHP Account Reconciliation and Procedures Requirements (For staff responsible for ISA management only)
GatorStart completed confirmation

After Hire is approved in myUFL

Enter distribution (notify Dean’s Office if DO funding involved)
Complete employer section 2 of I-9
Enter ISA
IdM (UF Directory): If new to UF, set Deliver To field with person’s gatorlink@mail.ufl.edu (not necessary for student hires)
Set “Network Managed By” (NMB) to department ID in Identity Management
Training Tracker
PHHP IT Services Access Request
DSA Request, my UFL Security Roles
Request Gator 1  card (not necessary for student hires)

PHHP 2/2022