PHHP Department and Unit IT Access Coordinators


 Department or Program


Department Main Number

Behavioral Science and Community Health Cathy Dilena, HR Generalist 352-273-6009
Biostatistics Deana Nance, Business Manager
Kristen Cason, Academic Assistant
Clinical and Health Psychology Alise Cross,  Program Assistant 352-273-6455
Dean’s Office PHHP Cathy Dilena, HR Generalist 352-273-6009
Environmental Global Health Meredith Hoyt, Business Manager 352-273-6104
Epidemiology LaToya Durant, Business Manager
Jacolyn Chamberlain, Administrative Specialist
Health Services Research, and Management Policy Francesca Antoine, Business Manager 352-273-6073
Health Science JoAnne Ruman, Academic Assistant 352-273-6214
Occupational Therapy Rebecca Harty, Business Manager 352-273-6817
Physical Therapy Katie Fleischman, Business Manager  352-273-6433
Public Health Robyn Smith, AcademicAssistant 352-294-5772
Rehabilitation Science Cathy Dilena, HR Generalist 352-273-6009
Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Eileen Phillips, Fiscal Assistant 352-273-5294