Granting of Emeritus Status, A PHHP Guide

HR contact: Lorie Martin

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Emeritus (Modifier for Faculty title), from UF Regs:

“Faculty members, academic administrators, and such other officers of the University as the President may designate shall become eligible for the title “Emeritus” in connection with their faculty rank when they retire. The title is to be conferred in recognition of meritorious service, and it shall entail continued campus courtesies, under the same conditions as required for active faculty and administrators, including parking, use of the library and recreation facilities, admission to athletics and cultural events, receipt of such publications as are sent to regular faculty members and members of the Alumni Association, participation in contract and grant endeavors, and participation in academic convocations. Consideration for this title shall be accomplished prior to the faculty member’s retirement although the Provost may permit consideration following retirement in exceptional circumstances. The names of all eligible nominees shall be submitted by the chairperson or director to the faculty for a departmental or school vote. The departmental or school vote shall accompany the submission of the nomination to the President from the department or school, the chairperson or director, the dean or Provost. The President will make the final determination and notify the Office of Academic Affairs”.

Appointment of Emeritus Faculty, from the PHHP College Constitution:

“An affirmative vote of departmental faculty is required before an individual can be recommended for appointment to emeritus status”.

Retiring faculty member’s name should be submitted by the Department Chair to all faculty for a departmental vote,
prior to the faculty member’s retirement.
After the departmental vote, and assuming a favorable outcome, the Department Chair should submit an Emeritus request letter addressed to the Senior Vice President for Health Affairs, noting the vote count, requesting the status of Emeritus be granted to the faculty member.  This letter will come from the Chair and Dean both, so please include both signature lines. An approval line should be added for the Senior Vice President for Health Affairs and Provost Joe Glover. Send draft to Lorie before printing for signatures.  When sending the original to Lorie to secure signatures, include a copy of the faculty member’s CV.
Once approved, the Department Chair will then write a letter to the faculty member acknowledging the granting of Emeritus status.
When the termination ePAF is entered, action will be ‘Retirement’ and reason will be REM ‘Retire with Emeritus Status’. Copies of all Emeritus paperwork, as well as a copy of this checklist should be submitted to Lorie with the rest of the termination packet, following the guidelines for Terminating an Employee.



PHHP 3/2017