Graduate Assistant Hire

Send to your Dean’s Office Human Resources Generalist

GatorStart (GS) Hire   Yes    No

Documents completed via GS are indicated below

Employee Name:


Department Contact:

Hire Date:

Y/N Graduate School Funded Award (GSFA)
Y/N Indicate if other Dean’s Office funding or award and type of DO award:
If hiring a foreign national, see UFHR’s Hiring a Foreign National Checklist for guidance and PHHP’s Documents Checklist for documents that must be forwarded to DO HR
Submit Foreign National Shell Request, if applicable
Background Screening Check
Registration Requirements met
Letter of Offer (Approved in advance by your DOHR Generalist)
Graduate Assistant Letter of Appointment  (Use for new and returning appointees/admissions)
Initialed and dated Addendum to the Letter of Appointment/Admission (Required with all new admissions letters or new appointments)
Y/N Health Assessment for individuals not on positions (INOP): Job-Related Health Risk Checklist
Y/N Nepotism Memo (approved at all levels prior to hire date)
Y/N Disclosure of Outside Activity Form (approved at all levels prior to hire date)

PHHP requirements (forward with hire documents to your DOHR Generalist

Emergency Contact Form
Completed UF and PHHP checklists

After Hire is approved in myUFL

Enter LOA (tuition waiver) into myUFL UF LOA Instructional Guide
Enter distribution (notify Dean’s Office if DO funding involved)
Enter ISA
Training Tracker
Gator Grad Care reminder: The Graduate School queries Active employment records in myUFL to determine eligibility. If a late hire will miss GGC sign up deadline, have the GA contact UF Benefits to inquire about registering for GGC.
PHHP IT Services Access Request

PHHP 8/16//20