Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Contact Lorie Martin for faculty leave; and your DOHR Generalist for all other salary plans

FMLA is a federal law designed to provide “protected” unpaid leave to eligible* employees when leave is required due to “qualifying” events or conditions for either themselves or an immediate family member. In concert with the healthcare provider, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to determine whether an absence is considered FMLA-qualifying.  If unsure, check with your department HR administrator.

FMLA federal entitlement includes up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave over a 12-month period. The University of Florida’s policy is more generous and includes the ability to use accrued leave (not including overtime comp).  For more information, see

*Eligibility:  Employee must have worked at UF for at least 12 months (need not be consecutive) and must have physically worked at least 1,250 hours in the 12 months preceding a request for FMLA leave.

Salary Plan Eligible ePAF Manual hours log required *
Faculty x x
Post Doc Associate x x
OPS Hourly x x
OPS Faculty x
OPS Exempt (Intern) x
GA x
Student Assistant x x
Fellow (pre and post doc) No No No

* Manual hours log

If an employee does not have enough accrued paid leave to stay in full pay status, benefit premium payments must be addressed by the employee. It is the employee’s responsibility to contact University Benefits at 352/392-2477 to determine the minimum number of leave hours that must be used every pay period to cover deductions.  If the employee does not have enough leave to pay premiums, the employee should make arrangements with the Benefits Office to make appropriate payments.

Parental Leave

The University’s leave policy guarantees six months of parental leave for eligible faculty and staff upon the birth or adoption of a child. The first 12 weeks are considered FMLA-qualifying. OPS and Post-Doc Associates are eligible for up to 12 work weeks of parental leave, provided they have worked at least 12 months for a minimum of 1,250 hours prior to the start of the FMLA leave.

Parental leave may begin two weeks before the expected date of the child’s birth.

Employees may use their personal accrued leave, unpaid leave, or a combination of paid and unpaid leave, provided they do not exceed the six month leave policy limit. Faculty and staff may also request up to six weeks of advanced leave for the birth of a child. The employee will be required to repay the advanced leave hours within a 3-year period from the first date the leave is used. Repayment may come from both sick and vacation hours. Separation from the university would not cancel this obligation.

Forms (must be forwarded to appropriate DOHR contact)


Medical Certification for:  (Choose one of the following)
Certification of Health Care Provider – Used to designate FMLA-qualifying events and is completed by the health care provider.  This form, while required for most FMLA-qualifying absences, is optional (but recommended) for parental leave:

Family Member
Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave
Serious Injury or Illness of Current Service Member
Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran (Military Caregiver Leave)

Extended Leave of Absence Form – Completed for extended leaves of absence (at least 15 workdays) – OR – for all leave situations, regardless of length of absence

  • when FMLA is requested for reduced work schedules
  • when an employee, with their supervisor’s approval, will have a modified work schedule for a period of time (please note this does not change their FTE)
  • for sporadic absences, when an employee has a health condition that might flare up sporadically and as such, can’t be planned in advance.

Request for Extension of Tenure Probationary Period is required for all tenure-track faculty taking an extended leave of absence and requesting an extension of their tenure clock.

Request for UF Paid Parental Leave – To request up to 6 weeks of advance leave from UF. Completed as applicable.
Intermittent Leave Application 2021-22 – Used to aid departments in tracking leave usage.

Submit ePAF

An ePAF to change employee status must be entered by department for all extended leaves of absence of 15 workdays or greater (except for sporadic leave). Please allow any necessary corrections to time reporter to process completely prior to submitting the return from leave ePAF. Should the employee return on a date other than the one noted on the original extended leave of absence form, a second form must be completed with the new return date noted.

An update supervisor ID ePAF may be necessary for all individuals who report to the employee going on an extended leave of absence to temporarily assign a new supervisor. Please discuss with DOHR contact.


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